2.5. Categorize your activities in the Categorization screen 2017-04-24T00:13:42+00:00

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2.5. Categorize your activities in the Categorization screen

You can categorize one or several activities through the categorization icon, or use the keyboard shortcut F6
The Categorization screen is structured in three areas:
  1. Activity or activities to be categorized.
  2. Values to be assigned to activities, organized by categories. To modify the categorization of activities, you must click on the values.
  3. Categories available to be used in categorization and the following actions:
The first step is to select which categories from the left column you want to use to categorize.
The values of those categories will appear in the main part of the screen, organized by categories.
By clicking on the values you can assign values to the activities. It’s possible to categorize with more than one value for each category.
To define a new category, you can click on the “New Category” icon or use the keyboard shortcut F3.
To create a new value on a specific category, you have to click on the “New Value” value icon present in each category.
You can categorize an activity by several values of the same facet. In the example an activity affects several projects.